Strategic News International, Inc. is a news and market intelligence company that delivers reliable, time-sensitive information to private sector, government and non-profit clients facing high-stakes decisions in unstable environments.

We focus on high-risk, underserved markets where accurate information is as scarce as it is valuable. Leveraging our contacts and expertise, SNI reports on economic, political, security, legal, and societal dynamics, and explains their impact on our clients' operations.

Our news and research divisions empower clients to make optimal decisions that improve outcomes while limiting risk.

Strategic News International, Inc. owns the Iraq Oil Report with additional products in development.

Find out more about our long-term vision and short- and medium-term growth plans, and investment opportunities.

Strategic News International, Inc., is a C Corporation registered in Michigan, USA, with senior staff and offices in New York, Baghdad and Erbil.

Operational and management decisions are made by the Board of Directors:


President of the Board of Directors; Chief Executive Officer
Ben Lando has reported from more than a dozen countries on energy, political and security issues since 2006. Prior to founding Iraq Oil Report, he was a freelancer for publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Time Magazine.


VP of the Board of Directors; Editor-in-Chief
Ben Van Heuvelen has worked for Iraq Oil Report since October 2009. His freelance reporting has been published in Bloomberg, The Washington Post and Foreign Policy. Prior to joining Iraq Oil Report, Ben was a research fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington, DC, and the chief researcher for two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author Steve Collís book Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power.


Secretary of the Board of Directors; Director of Research
Prior to joining Iraq Oil Report in 2015, Jared Levy ran the Iraq operations of an emerging markets research company, and provided a range of research services to multinational companies as an independent consultant focused on Iraq. Previously, he worked as an analyst for the US military, embedded with forward deployed army units in Iraq.


Treasurer of the Board of Directors; Chief Financial Officer
Scott Thomas is an accredited CPA. He joined Iraq Oil Report in April 2009.